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I'm a character designer and illustrator who specializes in creating anime styled works for VTubers, game studios, and music producers.

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Tied Worlds

These are character showcase artworks for a fighting game where a science experiment fails causing two portals to open and connect worlds on the brink of collapse. In this game, other-worlders invade Earth and fight to take what they can.

Concept Artbook

I created an artbook highlighting each character's personality and the important bits of their fighting move set.

Ideation sketches

Gameplay and visuals go together and must enhance each other, and so when I designed the characters I flip flopped between working on their visual looks and fighting moves.




Angels' Tomb

This is an artbook of pairs of character designs for a horror turn based rpg.

The Drowned Angel- The city revere this entity and it is something of a legend, that an angel’s death has blessed the land their city is on. The city’s inhabitants have the ability to sense entities and can be guided by them, which has led the city to prosper. A lot of mystical things happen around the city and the people attribute both the good and bad to this angel. They have natural water springs and oil, which they use to run the city. They call this the tears and blood of the angel, and is the lifeblood of the city as well.

Nuza's weekly

A short visual novel